A new year

Mar del Plata, 27 December 2016.

Dear colleagues and friends,

I wanted to take the opportunity of the end of the year and its celebrations to reflect on the work we have achieved together and my first year as President of our Argentine-Dutch Solidarity Foundation.  2016 has been without any doubt a very successful year full of memorable fundraising events, and teamwork achievements.

The charity activities of the Foundation are well known and supported by the Dutch and Argentine communities living in Argentina and The Netherlands, as well as by the expat community living mainly around the Randstad.  We can proudly say that as a result of the hard work of all past and currents friends and colleagues from the foundation we are currently celebrating 15 years of uninterrupted solidarity work between The Netherlands and Argentina. This makes the Foundation a symbol of growing fraternity and strong teamwork between our two communities.

Besides the classic Argentine Benefit Movie Nights in The Hague, this year we have introduced the Argentine cinema matinees for kids, which had a great reception among many Dutch-Argentine and international families.

2016 has been indeed a very special year for all of us who live abroad. In July we had an historic visit to the Port of Amsterdam from the ARA “Libertad” tall ship and its crew. The Libertad is a great friend of the Dutch-Argentine Solidarity Foundation and we had worked together in the past.  This year, the “Libertad” Commander, Captain Ignacio Errecaborde and his crew invited all of us on 9 July to join them along with many other Argentine and Dutch invitees to celebrate together onboard of the Libertad tall ship the 200 years of Argentina. This invitation and historic gathering on 9 July 2016 would remain in our memories throughout our lives and we are very grateful to Captain Ignacio Errecaborde and its crew for their hospitality.

As part of the Argentina bicentennial celebrations we worked hard to organize from earlier this year the Benefit Concert “Misa Criolla” that took place on 3 December at the Church of “Our Savior” in The Hague.  During this Benefit Concert we had more than 450 people including former Dutch Ambassador to Buenos Aires, Schelto van Heemstra and his family.  Let me underline how grateful we also are to Rig Mutschler, Javier Rodriguez and his musicians, including the renowned Dutch choir Canticum Novum and our sponsors for supporting this great fundraising event.

Let me underline that all the fundraising events and the support provided to the NGOs in Argentine are the result of your support and the hard work of our board members and volunteers who organize the events, administer our money fundraised, select and follow up with the NGOs’s projects in Argentina, and communicate our work and mission through our social media platforms. All together we have made this year a successful one.

Let me conclude by saying that as president of the Argentine-Dutch Solidarity Foundation, I am very honored to have been the board member this year and proud of being part of this exceptional team and community in The Netherlands.  The work and dedication of our volunteers and support of our sponsors makes it possible for the foundation to reach many people in need in Argentina.

I wish you and your families a great end of the year and wish you all the best for 2017.  See you next year at our fundraising events,


Un abrazo,

Signature Miguen Angel Longone





Miguel Angel Longone



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