La Campana

Friday 30/9 la Fundación organizes the monthly Argentine Film Evening in The Hague.

Besides enjoying the movie, you can also buy empanadas, Argentine wine, alfajores and more and we’ll have a raffle with interesting prizes!The entrance is free, a contribution is kindly requested. The money, after paying expenses, is totally wired to Argentina, supporting specific, short term small projects. We support only recognized institutions (not individuals), and control the good use of the money.

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Remember to bring cash with you since we don’t have PIN.

Time: 19.30

Place: Benoordenhuis, Bisschopstraat 5, 2596 The Hague

The movie has English subtitles.

We hope to see you there!


La Campana (The Bell) – 2011

Genre: Drama

Recommended age: +13


Synopsis: A failed love story in the harbour of Mar del Plata, during the Facklands war. Juan is a marplatense (local) fisherman that after the sudden death of the captain of his boat, is in charge of the young Laura. This means a big change in his life. The feelings between them quickly start to develop, so that one day and despite the adverse wheather, he decides to navigate deep sea escaping from his emotions. Without knowing it, he arrives to an area called “The Bell”, a place where according to the legend, the time elapses more slowly than on the main land.