La Patota (Street Gang)

La Patota (Paulina) I - Mayo 2017

Friday 21/4 la Fundación organizes the Argentine Film Evening in The Hague.

Besides enjoying the film La Patota (Street Gang), you can also buy empanadas, Argentine wine, alfajores and more and we’ll have a raffle with interesting prizes!
The entrance is free, a contribution is kindly requested. The money, after paying expenses, is totally wired to Argentina, supporting specific, short term small projects. We support only recognized institutions (not individuals), and control the good use of the money.
Read more about the projects we are supporting at this moment.

Remember to bring cash with you since we don’t have PIN.

Time: 19.30
Place: Benoordenhuis, Bisschopstraat 5, 2596XH The Hague
The movie has English subtitles.
We hope to see you there!


Street gang (La Patota 2015)

Genre: Thriller

Director: Santiago Mitre

Actors: Dolores Fonzi, Oscar Martínez, Cristian Salguero, Esteban Lamothe

Recommended age: Suitable only for persons of 16 years or over

Synopsis: Paulina is a young lawyer with a flourishing career in Buenos Aires that chooses to return to her hometown. Her father, Fernando, is a prominent judge. Against Fernando’s will, Paulina decides give lessons in a suburban school as part of an inclusion program. One night, after the second week of work, she is brutally attacked by a street gang. To the astonished gaze of whom surround her, Paulina decides get back to work to the school, in the neighborhood where she was attacked, never imaging that the persons responsible are more near than suspected.