Currently collecting for…

We are currently collecting for three projects:

Bernardino Rivadavia School (more info)

The Bernardino Rivadavia School No. 475 in the city of Rafaela, province of Santa Fe, teaches primary level classes to more than 400 students. In addition, the school has a carpentry workshop, in which a three-year training course for adults is offered during the night shift. This course allows adult students to learn a trade and thus obtain an economic income that, in many cases, is what gives them sustenance.

MUCAR, Rosario (more info)

The Blind and Amblyopia Unit Movement of Rosario MUCAR (by its acronym in Spanish) is a foundation that defends the rights of people with visual disabilities and promotes an environment of social integration through workshops, talks, cultural activities and sale of products for the blind since 1981.

People’s Library Sarmiento – Second part (more info)

The Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento (People’s Library Sarmiento) in Tandil is a civil non-profit organization. Not only does it provide services to librarians, it also provides an area to develop educational activities, to give professional technical trainings to vulnerable sectors of society, who don’t have the opportunity to receive education, leading to employment. Also, the area will be used to realize socio-cultural activities, linked to art, literature, music, theater, etc.