Projects Completed


Ciudadanía Solidaria

Is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010. Their primary activities consist of managing and implementing of projects, mostly at schools that lack/show gaps in their basic needs and/or education.


People’s Library Sarmiento (Tandil) First Part

The Biblioteca Popular Sarmiento (People’s Library Sarmiento) in Tandil is a civil non-profit organization. Not only does it provide services to librarians, it also provides an area to develop educational activities, to give professional technical trainings to vulnerable sectors of society, who don’t have the opportunity to receive education, leading to employment. Also, the area will be used to realize socio-cultural activities, linked to art, literature, music, theater, etc.


Is a non-profit organisation made up of about 20 volunteers who in their childhood were members of the Don Bosco band. Its main objectives are to promote the artistic abilities of children and social support. They have also contributed to several afforestation projects in the province of Tucumán and realised several  projects in low-income rural areas.


Asociación Pro Ayuda Discapacitados Rafaela is an NGO dedicated to assist persons with differently abled capacities in order to improve the quality of their life and to bring them dignity as human beings. Between 90 to 110 disabled children of the age of 0 to 14 years attend the school of the organization annually. The majority of these children live in an urban area of the city of Rafaela.


The Fundación AVENIR is building, with support of CONADIS (Commission for the Integration of the Disabled) of the Argentinian State, the Education and Therapy Center and the Support for Integration into ordinary Schools in the neighborhood Villa 9 de julio in Arguello, northwest of the city of Córdoba. This is a suburban area where basic needs of assistance and social integration of children and adolescents with a mental disability are not met.

Ruta 40

Is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to contribute to the development of rural schools located near the Ruta Nacional 40. They believe that strengthening rural schools will promote equal educational opportunities and that a better education reflects in a better society.


Is an association whose objective is to have pupils of public schools in rural areas of Argentina complete their primary school, preparing them for the local labour market and making it possible for them to stay in the area. The Argentine-Dutch Solidarity Foundation will donate 30 water filters through APAER


Haciendo Camino Asociación Civil

The project aims to support two programs of Haciendo Camino: vocational training and nutrition.

Senior Center Copetonas

The Senior Center is a day care facility for 16 persons (men and women) over 65 years and encourages elderly to stay in their community.

Sierra Dorada

Sierra Dorada Foundation is an NGO dedicated to the upbringing of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in San Marcos de la Sierra,situated in the north of the Córdoba province. Its main objective is to improve the living conditions of children in vulnerable situations.


Hogares Malen

Shelters for girls and young women been victims of violence, sexual abuse, negligence and human trafficking. The girls receive shelter, food, an education and there is special attention for their health. Furthermore they get psychological support and guidance on how to return to their families, if this is possible.

The School Renews its Energy

Rural School nr. 158 boards children who live in places that lack transportation. The general objective is to supply the boarding school with low cost solar energy to enable the use of technological and pedagogical tools during school hours. Materials will be bought and teachers and technical staff need to be trained to ensure the maintenance of this system.

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