Saving our Pachamama

Asociación de Ciudadanía Solidaria de Bien Pública (Association of Civil Solidarity for Public Welfare): School Nr. 5146 – Nazareno – Santa Victoria Oeste Department, Salta Province.
Description and objectives
Ciudadanía Solidaria supports different projects in different areas of public interest, such as health, ecology, culture, science and agribusiness. Its activities are realized with the support of different associates.Nazareno_salta (3)
This association has turned to SSNA asking to support a project in the Salta province to avoid the loss of native forest plants in the region and to improve soil conditions of the plantations, taking into account the existing climatic difficulties. The project will be carried out by pupils of School Nr. 5146 in Nazareno (Salta), who come from aboriginal rural families of limited income. The family incomes in this region are based on subsistence livestock agriculture, and temporary jobs away from the community. The goal of this project is to help value and use the plants of the region and to know how to keep on cultivating them for consumption of the community. The families and the community participate in this project. Also, the project will raise awareness of the use of organic fertilizers to improve the quality of the environment.

Specific objectives: 
Construction of a plant nursery
Collection of seeds and cuttings of native and indigenous species for reproduction.
Cultivation of the soil.
Preparation of seed trays.
Sowing and reproduction with cuttings of ornamental and forest species, mainly native and indigenous of the region.
Realization of cultivation tasks for the production of seedlings (preparation of organic fertilizers, an irrigation system, phytosanitary treatments, weeding, etc.)
Transplantation of the obtained seedlings and plants
Sowing and production: spring, summer.

Responsible person: Ana Trabucco Nolasco – President of Ciudadanía Solidaria
Beneficiaries: Direct: 312 pupils of the school. Indirect: the aboriginal community of Nazareno, composed by 800 families (Kolla ethnic group).
Costs: € 1,350 (based in the current exchange rate)
Financing: The project will be financed by SSNA, at the moment we are looking for more donors in order to rapidly complete the total sum.