We completed the project for AVENIR

We are collecting for Fundación AVENIR. This Fundación is building an Education and Therapy Center and a Support Center for Integration into ordinary Schools in the neighborhood Villa 9 de julio in Arguello, northwest of the city of Córdoba. This is a suburban area where basic needs of assistance and social integration of children and adolescents with a mental disability are not met.

The main beneficiaries of the Fundación AVENIR are children and adolescents suffering a mental handicap, mainly psychic (for example autism, psychosis, and personality disorders). At the moment, AVENIR is supporting 50 to 80 direct beneficiaries, of whom 70% are children and women.

The area where the building is being built is dealing with social issues, with a high level of insecurity. Therefore, it is necessary to have a security system to guarantee the security and integrity of the beneficiaries and staff members and the protection of material assets.

The requested amount will be used to acquire and install a closed circuit TV monitoring system with an anti-intrusion and anti-fire system on the property where the building of the new headquarters of the organization is being built.

Requested amount: € 3,500

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