We are implementing the projects for Ciudadanía Solidaria and Foundation Manos Abiertas!!!

Thanks to your help and the money collected we are able to start the implementation phase of these two projects.

Ciudadanía Solidaria – Project Creation of a vegetable garden and for school Number 4467 in Pluma de Pato, department Rivadavia, Salta province, Argentina.

This project has already been proven successful in various schools in the past and won an international award from the renowned Austrian organisation The Energy Globe Foundation in 2010 and the recommendation from the BBC that it can be implemented in any part of the world.

Investmentthe amount requested will be used to acquire construction materials (e.g. bricks, cement, sand and wires/cables) and materials required for the maintenance, like for example hoses, tanks, buckets and shovels.

Requested amount€5,000.-

Ciudadania Solidaria

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The Shelter Home Madre de la Ternura (Mother of Tenderness) of the Manos Abiertas (Open Arms) Foundation in Mar del Plata offers shelter and protection to mothers and little children in fragile situations. The house in which the shelter is established is owned by the Manos Abiertas Foundation. It is located three blocks from the Maternal and Children’s Hospital, which facilitates medical care for the mothers and their children. The surface area of the house is 325 m² and the roof is made of fibre-cement and metal plates. Due to ageing of the materials the roof is deteriorated, causing water leaks in the house. On the other hand, there are plans to expand the facilities, in order to be able to attend more mothers in a vulnerable situation. Therefore, the proposition of the project is the reparation of the roof and a stone construction.

The requested funds will be used to repair the water leaks of the roof, in order to procede to expand the facilities.

Requested amount: 5000 euros (approximately, depending of the exchange rate, which is fluctuating a lot).

Manos abiertas

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These projects are co-financed by