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Air conditioning in Chaco to guarantee education

Tres Isletas is located in the heart of the Chaquenean region, northern Argentina, approximately 200 km from Resistencia, capital of the province of Chaco. With an extremely hot climate, its minimum temperature in winter is around 15°C and in summer can reach 50°C. Chaco is one of the provinces with greatest needs in Argentina and Tres Isletas does not escape this reality: nearly 50% of its population is analphabet, and the majority of this population lives in the Nueva Alianza neighborhood – where the Jesús María school is located – including the vulnerable Qom aboriginal community, which represents about 2,000 people.

At the beginning of 2000, the Religious Congregation of Jesús María inaugurated the Jesús María School, in order to respond to the needs of the inhabitants of the Nueva Alianza neighborhood, by offering tools for raising children, and seeking better living conditions with future opportunities, since many of these children are the first generations in their families to become literate.

The school provides education to 850 children at all levels: kindergarten, primary school and the first two years of secondary school. The secondary school was inaugurated in 2021 and currently has 148 students, with 74 new students entering each new school year, to complete a total of 370 students by the year 2025. Therefore, every year, two new classrooms are inaugurated for these newcomers. In March 2023, 15-year-old students will begin their studies, with the need of classrooms in conditions for learning, since climatic well-being is a fundamental condition for a better learning.

For this reason, two air conditioning units are needed (one for each room) that require AR$1,046,000 for the purchase of the air conditioning equipment, and AR$112,000 for its installation.

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