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Collaborate for the Arts: Help Renovate Rafaela’s Cultural Center

The Rafaela City Center (Centro Ciudad de Rafaela) is a non-profit organization that strives to promote and support various performing arts activities, focusing primarily on theater, but also including other disciplines such as choir, reading, magic, dance, and visual arts. The organization aims to create and support networks with the community, public and private institutions, and their artistic collectives to better support artistic activity in the city and throughout the country on a continuous basis. The institution’s members are driven by their passion for their work, commitment to the development of the arts, and social consciousness.

The Centro Ciudad de Rafaela uses its space to offer its own workshops, most of which are free and aimed at all types of audiences, from children to adults. In addition to artistic training, the workshops also serve a social function by supporting young people with social and emotional challenges, using art as a healing tool and catalyst for facilitating life in society.

The Rafaela City Center Theater Company of Centro Ciudad de Rafaela offers free performances for educational institutions throughout the city. However, the Luis Remonda auditorium, which has been historically used for rehearsals and performances, had to be closed due to the deteriorated condition of its facilities.

To recover this valuable cultural space, the institution has decided to carry out a remodelling project that will provide a space for the realization of all projects related to the performing arts, including those which are constantly requested by other institutions in Rafaela.

Independent spaces dedicated to performing arts continually face economic problems due to the lack of resources and support from the state. That is why Centro Ciudad de Rafaela is requesting the collaboration of the SSNA.

Description of the help that the Foundation can provide:

The Foundation can provide materials and labor for the realization of a removable ceiling for the multipurpose room.

Budgeted investment:

Tessio and Associates: 1,400,000.00 pesos (materials and labor for the ceiling) and 1,050,000.00 pesos (materials and labor for the electricity). The amount necessary for the Centro Ciudad de Rafaela to carry out these improvements amounts to 2,450,000.00 pesos. The corresponding budgets are attached.

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