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Full Completion of the Bernardino Rivadia Project 👏

We are excited to announce the successful completion of the Bernardino Rivadavia Project at School No. 475 in Rafaela, Santa Fe. This project has greatly benefited over 400 primary-level students and adult learners in the carpentry workshop. 

The workshop now has modern equipment, replacing old and obsolete machinery. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that through successful fundraising efforts, we were able to acquire a classroom projector. This valuable addition will greatly enhance the teaching and learning process, enabling our dedicated teachers and students to showcase their impressive work and engage in dynamic educational experiences. 

We are grateful to all the supporters who made this upgrade possible. 

Our commitment to the school’s ongoing development remains strong as we strive to provide quality education and empower our students for a brighter future. 

Together, we can make a lasting impact. 💪

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