Acquisition of a drill for the Workshop

Acquisition of a drill for the Workshop of integral capacitating in wooden works “Enrique Angelelli” –

“Gente Nueva” Foundation
Neighborhood“34 hectareas”, Bariloche, Province of Río Negro


Abstract and Objectives:
the objective of this project consists in buying a drill for the workshop of carpentry with the aim of improving the quality of final products to be sold and to guarantee, likewise, the security of the students during the classes, avoiding industrial accidents caused by the deterioration of the tools.
This project has been inviting, -through carpentry-, marginal sectors of the population into the weavings of the society and providing working opportunities, recovering, in this way, the culture of work.
This would allow these marginal sectors to not only modify their limited economic reality but also that of their family group, of which many times are found completely in charged of.

Description of the beneficiary group:
142 persons underneath the level of poverty with ages
from 14 to 84.
Federico Ingaramo, director of the school
Costs: 1.100 € (purchase of the drill and its transportation
from Buenos Aires).
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