A vehicle for the farm

A vehicle for the farm
Vida Nueva Foundation
Province of Buenos Aires

Description and objectives:

The Vida Nueva (New Life) Foundation is a charity organization, whose mission is prevention and assistance to drug addicts and their families from economically disadvantaged areas.

With the support of the Fundación Solidaridad, the 30 young and adult residents (15-40 years old) managed to run a project of chicken breeding, which are being sold to the community, to family and also being used for their own consumption on the farm where they live. The institution buys little chicken and the residents are responsible for their nutrition and care. This way, the behavior of the drug addicts is being improved as a therapy for their recovery. They are given concrete tasks to develop their sense of responsibility and commitment, which will facilitate their reintegration into society, while they also learn a profession.

At the moment, the institution has a station car in deplorable conditions. Transportation keeps getting more important in order to amplify the number of clients and therefore transport the chicken at bigger distances. Also, the institution is located at a certain distance from urban areas and has few transportation means to approach the therapists that treat the residents. There is no public transport during the night for emergencies.


Specific objectives:

The purchase of a vehicle in order to:

  1. Transport the chicken production and increase the sales.
  2. Buy the food at a lower cost by travelling to where it is produced.
  3. Have at disposal a vehicle in case of nocturnal emergencies, since the therapeutic community is far from the urban area.
  4. Get the therapists at the bus stop, now a daily 1.2 km walk to the therapeutic institution.

The car that the Foundation would like to buy is a Renault Express Diesel 1998 Model second hand station wagon.

Responsible person: Luis Alberto Suarez and the Executive Board of the Vida Nueva Foundation.

Beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of this project are 30 teenagers and adults and their families.

Costs: Part of the costs will be covered by local contribution. The support that is being requested from our Foundation is of € 3.000.