About the Foundation

The Argentine-Dutch Solidarity Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide financial aid for non-governmental institutions and projects in Argentina.

It was established on June 22nd 2002 in the Argentinean Embassy in The Hague. After creating internal statutes, the foundation established its legal identity on September 30th of the same year and was registered at The Hague Chamber of Commerce (KVK Haaglanden 27253466).

Argentina’s unstable economic situation affects many vulnerable sectors of society, such as children, the sick, the elderly and ethnic minority groups. Through donations and fund-raising activities, the foundation supports projects which seek to address unmet basic needs. After a strict selection process, specific projects are chosen and their progress is carefully monitored by the foundation’s volunteers. The foundation ensures that all funds received are properly distributed and used to purchase necessary supplies by those responsible for each project.


The overall objective of the Argentinean-Dutch Solidarity Foundation is to manage and provide support to social projects in Argentina. Funds for projects are raised through social and cultural events, private donations, and co-financing activities with other institutions. The foundation and all of its activities are exclusively run by volunteers.

We invite you to see our statutes, the balance sheet from 2022, and the procedure for the selection of projects.