APADiR (Asociación Pro Ayuda Discapacitados Rafaela) is an NGO dedicated to assist persons with differently abled capacities in order to improve the quality of their life and to bring them dignity as human beings. Between 90 to 110 disabled children of the age of 0 to 14 years attend the school of the organization annually. The majority of these children live in an urban area of the city of Rafaela.

These children with differently abled capacities can’t be fitted into the regular education system and often remain without an education, as their families don’t have the financial means to continue their development. APADiR offers an educational facility and inclusion of the children, for them to have the opportunity to have access to decent education and develop their qualities to the maximum.

The objective of the project is to realize the maintenance operations of the roof of the school focused on disabled children and youngsters in the city of Rafaela, in the province of Santa Fe.

Currently the roofs show numerous leakages on the whole surface, causing humidity in the classrooms and wings of the building built in 1995. The problems comprehend not only the leakages and the constant accumulation of water on rainy days, but also the health of the pupils is being affected due to the high level of humidity.

The tasks to be realized during this project are the following:

  • Paint and waterproof the roofs
  • Seal with nailing staples
  • Clean the surface
  • Waterproof the ceiling loads
  • Sand, repair and paint the drainpipes

La Fundación will help APADiR by donating the necessary amount of money to buy the materials to realize the maintenance works as stated in the list above.

Investment: the requested budget by APADiR is 4000 euros.

Location of the school: Calle D’Agostino 595 Rafaela, Province of Santa Fe


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This project is co-financed by

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