Bernardino Rivadavia School

The Bernardino Rivadavia School No. 475 in the city of Rafaela, province of Santa Fe, teaches primary level classes to more than 400 students. In addition, the school has a carpentry workshop, in which a three-year training course for adults is offered during the night shift. This course allows adult students to learn a trade and thus obtain an economic income that, in many cases, is what gives them sustenance.

The workshop classroom has machines that are more than fifty years old, some of them are almost obsolete and others built in an artisanal way, which show visible wear and tear of intensive use, making it difficult to use year after year.

To carry out its carpentry courses, the Bernardino Rivadavia School needs machinery, including a planer, a square, and a circular saw. These tools will facilitate the dictation of the classes in a more dynamic, participatory and, especially, safe environment for teachers and students.

Through this project, the Foundation will help Bernardino Rivadavia School No. 475 by donating the money necessary to purchase such machinery.

Investment: the budget requested by the Bernardino Rivadavia School for this project is 3163 euros.

Students working at the carpentry workshop.
Carpentry lessons for adults.
Current status of the machines.