Chicken Farm Fundación Vida Nueva

Chicken Farm Fundación Vida Nueva 
Glew, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Summary and Objectives: The Vida Nueva (New Life) Foundation is a charity organization, whose mission is Prevention and Assistance to drug addicts and their families from economically disadvantaged environments. For more information. The 20 youths, residents of the institution, are given concrete tasks to develop their sense of responsibility and commitment, which will facilitate the reintegration of these youths into society. 

Thus, the therapeutic team has the possibility of evaluating attitude and behavior, such as responsibility, commitment, property, and solidarity, among others.
This project consists of breeding a total of 300 chickens in cycles of 150 per month, for sale and own consumption. The proceeds will be used to renew the stock of chickens and their food, as well as for repairs of the institution’s building.
The sustainability of the project is based on the security of the sale of chickens to relatives of the residents and through a local producer who has agreed to sell them. It is important to emphasize that the consumption of chickens, and the demand for quality chicken, is especially very high in Argentina. This project will have the duration of 4 months, and is expected to become self-sufficient in future. This assumption is based on a pilot project with 100 chickens, which was successful.



Specific Objective: Acquisition of 300 chickens in two stages of 150 each. The chickens will need to be fed during 60 days preceding their sale. The gains will be sufficient to renew the stock of chickens, to feed them, and to sell them. For this project the Nueva Vida Foundation asks for funds for the purchase of a total of 300 chickens, their food, containers to eat and drink from, a freezer, a chicken plucking machine and the repair of a vehicle used for transporting the merchandise and the sawdust.



Responsible: Luis Alberto Suarez and the Governing Board of the Nueva Vida Foundation.

Beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of this project are 20 young men. Indirect beneficiaries are 20 families and the community.

Costs:  Purchase of 300 chickens, food, food and water containers, a freezer, a chicken plucking machine, and repair of a vehicle . Total: 1.986  €  (8.894 pesos)

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