Children with multiple educational necessities

Children with multiple educational necessities
Escuela de Educación Especial Nr 504 de Lomas de Zamora
Lomas de Zamora, Villa Albertina. Provincia de Buenos Aires

The School of Special Education was created in the year 1981. Is attended by students with intellectual disabilities, they live in the peripheral area of Lomas de Zamora (Budge, Fiorito, Village Albertina), area with high social risks. Ages range from 45 days to 16 years old. Among its different services they hold the ATDI (Early Attention of the Child Development), the School Headquarters and Integration to Common Schools.
The main objective is the integration of students with special educational needs, so that they can access to common schools, where are already attending their siblings and friends. The school building is insufficient and is not adapted to the needs of the students: lack of classrooms, furniture and space for playful school activities.
The School receives children with different pathologies, through Health Centers of by the family spontaneous approach. Among those pathologies: social-environmental risks (malnutrition, teenage pregnancy, among others); emotional disorder (autism, communication disorders) and genetic disorders (Dow, West, Angelman, among others).

Specific Objectives
– To deepen family commitment with the development of the children.

– To implement actions oriented to improve cognitive, motor and tactile abilities develop psychomotor potential improve and communication.

– Offer spaces for exchange and discussion amongst professional participants in order to enrich the education on offer.

School Director María Cristina González.

The direct beneficiaries of the Project are 21 children, 12 boys and 9 girls. The indirect beneficiaries are the family members and the staff responsable of their education.

Equipment of the classrooms and special areas, including electronic devises, games and furniture.
Training of teachers. ( 21.380 pesos = €4.700 ).