Ciudadanía Solidaria

Ciudadanía Solidaria

Ciudadania Solidaria is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 in the province of Buenos Aires. In order to contribute to the public good and help the sector of the population that is below the poverty line, the main activities of the organization consist of managing and executing projects mainly in schools that meet unsatisfied basic needs and / or educational deficiencies.

Conclusion of the project “Sustainable Development, for Unmet Basic Needs”

Ciudadania Solidaria carried out the project “Desarrollo Sustentable, Necesidades Básicas Insatisfechas” (“Sustainable Development, for Unmet Basic Needs”) in four schools in the department of Rivadavia, province of Salta. The project carried out in together with Ciudadanía Solidaria was carried out in the schools N° 4568 in Pozo El Chañar and N° 4467 in Pluma de Pato. This project consisted of creating a vegetable garden and a farm in order to promote the sustainable development and help meet basic needs. At the same time, Ciudadania Solidaria also provided additional workshops offering the necessary training in this regard.

The objective of the project was to provide fresh food, to achieve better nutrition for the school population and to improve living conditions.

Through a final contribution of 4,300 euros, the Foundation was able to collaborate with the purchase of construction materials (bricks, cement, sand, wires) and materials to be used for maintenance (hoses, tanks, buckets, shovels, etc.). Thanks to the provision of these materials, the implementation of the vegetable garden and farm at the school was possible, also building a clay oven and a tool shed and creating the necessary water connections for its operation.


Initial proposition of the project:

Ciudadanía Solidaria – Project Creation of a vegetable garden and for school in the department Rivadavia, Salta province, Argentina. 

  • To create a vegetable garden and provide for the necessary equipment to be able to do so.
  • To build a tool shed.
  • To create the connections for the necessary water supply.
  • The education of students and teaching staff through various workshops organised by Ciudadanía Solidaria.

The expected results

  • Availability of fresh produce for better nutrition of the school population, which should also lead to an increased student performance.
  • The improvement of current and future living conditions.
  • Heightened problem awareness through development of skills.
  • Incorporation of positive values for life; increased motivation and readiness to preserve, improve and sustain quality of life.

Ciudadanía Solidaria is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010. Their primary activities consist of managing and implementing of projects, mostly at schools that lack/show gaps in their basic needs and/or education.

This project has already been proven successful in various schools in the past and won an international award from the renowned Austrian organisation The Energy Globe Foundation in 2010 and the recommendation from the BBC that it can be implemented in any part of the world.

Investmentthe amount requested will be used to acquire construction materials (e.g. bricks, cement, sand and wires/cables) and materials required for the maintenance, like for example hoses, tanks, buckets and shovels.

The requested amount€5,000.-