Creciendo Juntos Convivir Foundation

Creciendo Juntos Convivir Foundation
Guadalupe Este, Santa Fe, Argentina.


Description and Objectives:
The goal of the Convivir Foundation is to help mentally challenged adults and adolescents improve their quality of life by providing services and a comprehensive medical attention to its beneficiaries and their families. The Foundation also provides comprehensive medical attention to its staff, given the medical characteristics of its patients. The institution is a non-governmental organization whose funds are raised with great difficulty. It receives contributions through different channels, and those funds are used for daily maintenance.


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The Convivir Foundation requests the collaboration of SSNA to improve the building adding a covered gallery, some doors for separation of rooms, purchase fitness machines. It also requests a photographic camera which will be used for professional services and for a project to provide training to mentally challenged individuals.

Responsible: Olga Uriarte – Convivir Foundation
Beneficiaries: Direct: currently 16 mentally challenged individuals. Indirect: their families and the staff of the institution.
Costs: Building of a covered gallery, doors for separation of rooms, purchase fitness machines. Purchase of a photographic camera. Total: 5,000 euro

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