Emanuel Farmhouse

Hogar Emanuel’ 
Quequén, Necochea, Province of Buenos Aires






This home has gone through various stages and many projects that were never completed.
It began as a short-term temporary shelter in 1980 and then became a children’s home in 1998. There are currently 16 people living there, two of whom are handicapped children.
The home’s principal aim is to give homeless children and teenagers a family environment where they can grow, develop and learn in an affectionate and secure atmosphere.
The Foundation committed itself to helping with the purchase of a property that would allow for the development of various small self-sufficiency projects.
The purchase of the property was agreed to in March 2004 at a cost of USD 20,000.

In a second phase some  extra facilities and common places were built up.
This includes a bedroom to  accommodate  4 children, an extra bathroom and a laundry room with  a flagstone veranda   for drying the children laundry.
The total costs of the second phase of  € 6.000 has been donated by Maagdenhuis www.maagdenhuis.nl