Equipment for the New Children and Youth Home

Equipment for the New Children and Youth Home
Fundación Sierra Dorada

San Marcos – Sierras de la Provincia de Córdoba


Summary and Objectives:
The Home of the Sierra Dorada Foundation is a unique Home for children and youth in the northwest of the Province of Cordoba. In this area the poverty rates are very high, in fact the highest of the province. A vast amount of children are in a rish situation. The capacity of the institution, providing shelter for these children, is inadequate and needs to be expanded. This is to avoid children being sent to the city of Cordoba, where it is more difficult to rehabilitate them and enable their subsequent return to society. The Foundation has a carpentry workshop, where the adolescents are trained, as well as an office. The Foundation is partly funded by the government, because the children are referred to the Home by the Justice Department. For special projects the Foundation receives support from private donors, many of them from abroad. The children and adolescents are from extremely poor rural areas.


Specific Objective: 
The specific objective of this project is to equip the Home’s new facilities, with a capacity for 26 more children. At the moment 29 children between 8 and 18 years old reside in the Home. The Foundation is constructing a new building with a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry-room, and bedrooms. The challenge the Foundation now faces is to raise funds for materials to decorate and equip the new bathrooms, the floor of the computer room, and the first aid room.

Responsible: Julio Laciar – President

The direct beneficiaries of this project are 26 children (between 8 and 18 years old). Indirect beneficiaries: the communities of the area.

Materials for the equipment and decoration of bathrooms, computer room and first aid room.
Total: € 3.294  (14,792 pesos) 

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