Equipment for the “Presidente Roca” School playground

Project: Equipment for the “Presidente Roca” School playground

Presidente Roca, Provincia de Santa Fe – Argentina


Description and Objectives

The “Presidente Roca” School has requested toys for the nursery where working class children attend (from rural and urban areas). The donation of toys is part of a larger project whose objective is to promote the psycho-physical development in kids through games. The School is financially incapable of acquiring those toys.


Our Foundation has received a donation of toys from the Mattel Company in Amsterdam, which have already been transported to the School in Argentina.



Responsible: Sra. María Rosa Chialvo de Chávez


Direct Beneficiaries: 36 boys and girls. 70% come from rural areas, and 30% are children corresponding to families from the Presidente Roca town.



Costs: the toys have been received as a direct donation.