Come to our Last Film Evening Event of the Year: Kóblic

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  • Venue: Benoordenhuis


Friday 30/11 La Fundación organizes the Last Argentine Film Evening of the Year in The Hague!!!

Besides enjoying the film Kóblic you can also buy empanadas, Argentine wine, Choripan, GANCIA batido and more. We’ll also have a raffle with interesting prizes!!!




The entrance is free, a contribution is kindly requested. The money, after paying expenses, is totally wired to Argentina, supporting specific, short term small projects. We support only recognized institutions (not individuals), and control the good use of the money.


Read more about the projects we are supporting at this moment.

Remember to bring cash with you since we don’t have PIN.

Time: 19.30
Place: Benoordenhuis, Bisschopstraat 5, 2596XH The Hague
The movie has English subtitles.
We hope to see you there!


Kóblic (2016)

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Director: Sebastian Borensztein

Actors: Ricardo Darín, Oscar Martínez, Inma Cuesta

Recommended age: Suitable only for persons of 13 years or over.

Synopsis: In 1977, Captain Tomás Kóblic, Commander of the Argentinian Navy, faces the most difficult mission of his life: flying a “death flight”. Tormented by the terrible fate towards which he himself will bring the prisoners of the dictatorship, Kóblic takes an unpredictable decision, that will mark the rest of his life and will force him to flee to Colonia Helena, a small town of La Pampa where the law of commissioner Velarde prevails, a delinquent who is engaged in cattle robbery and has dark ties with military authorities.

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