Furniture Renovation for: “Pequeño Hogar N¼ 4”

Furniture Renovation for the “Pequeño Hogar Nro 4” Villa Angela 

Provincia del Chaco




This shelter gives homeless children a permanent place to live. The children are sent to the home via the Minority and Family Court of Justice.
The objectives are to cover their basic needs, aiming towards a normal physical and psychological development of children, who are without parents or tutors.
They receive four meals a day, live in the home, they receive support for school homework, medical assistance and counselling. They are as well taken to recreational centres for sports.
The furniture is already 22 years old, and it has never been replaced or repaired. The request to the Foundation is for the replacement of existing furniture and the acquisition of new furniture for the 2-5 years old children which has been un-existent up to now.
The new furniture requested is as follows: 5 tables and 30 chairs for children. The existing furniture to be replaced is of 15 mattresses for the older children, 2 for babies, 2 tables and 6 chairs for children older than 10 years.
For the garden or patio some games for playing are requested.

The  cost of the project is of $ 4.877, approx. € 1.400. SSNA is grateful to the company Inducol
(Limansky, for giving a discount for the purchase of the mattresse.