Improving sanitary conditions for better health – CERES

Improving sanitary conditions for better health – CERES
Escuela de Enseñanza Media 418 “Gral. San Martín” Ciudad de Ceres, Departamento San Cristóbal, Provincie of Santa Fé.




The School is using rented premises which were constructed in 1914. Ever since the school was founded in 1948 there were plans to renovate the building, but this has not been possible.
The Asociación Cooperadora had helped on various occasions in improving the building, but at the moment the facilities are still inadequate. The school has 60 employees and 450 students, 180 male and 270 female.
Two toilets, dating from 1914, have undergone some improvements over time, but they are still far from meeting the acceptable standards. From a sanitary point of view, these toilets can be a hazard to the pupils’ health.
The Asociación Cooperadora covers all the expenses of the School except the wages, and is not able to provide the money necessary to solve this problem.

 The students are from families of various social levels, only some of them will reach higher education. During the last couple of years a large group of pupils from socially disadvantaged groups have joined the school.
The most families of pupils live on social benefits, some sporadically work as porters.
These families do not have the means to support the school. Furthermore, this increase in the number of students places a higher demand on the sanitation of the school.


Specific Objectives:
-To satisfy a basic need of the adolescents and adults who use the school
-To offer better hygienic conditions for a healthy environment to the users of the school.
Responsible: Leticia Verneti. Asociación Cooperadora de la Escuela de Enseñanza Media “Gral. San Martín” 418. Ceres, Provincia de Santa Fé, Argentina.


Direct beneficiaries of the project are the students (450) and the personnel (60) of the School. The ages of the students range between 12 and 18 years old, of which 60% is female.
The indirect beneficiaries will be members of the community that regularly use the facilities of the school for various events. Members of this community live in an urban setting.


Construction of sanitation. Total: €5.840 ($27.295)

Last pictures with the project already finished