Installation of gas and heaters

Installation of gas and heaters


Project Frame: Improving quality of life of young people in a situation of social vulnerability

Fundación Hogar (El Ceibo) Rafaela, Provincia de Santa Fé, Argentina


Description and Objectives

The “Hogar” Foundation helps families with disabled children and adolescents who need special attention and education. The home provides cooking, painting and woodwork workshops which will enable them to find a job and be useful members of the society.



The Home is self sustained, it does not get any kind of economic help, therefore it can only cover the most basic needs, as are food, clothing and health. All other needs have been postponed for years.

The use of natural gas will greatly reduce the cost of keeping the home warm since bottled gas is more expensive and so are electricity and fire wood. This installation includes piping in all bedrooms, kitchen, office and three activity rooms. Nine heaters will be installed in total.The “Hogar” Foundation is now seeking economic help to install natural gas and nine heaters.


In charge of project: Mr.Hans Gerd Wiesner. Chairman of the “Hogar” Foundation

Beneficiaries: Youngsters and adults,15 who live in the Home and 10 more who attend only during the day. Between 120 and 150 youngsters and children who come from other institutions to join the Summer camp.



Cost of project: 37.000 argentine pesos,  € 6.800.

Funds were collected with the event of the Misa Criolla, which took take place in Delft on December 9, 2009. Wilde Ganzen will collaborate in this effort doubling  a percentage of the amount collected that night by the Fundacion Solidaridad