Pancitas calientes

Project: “Pancitas calientes” (Warm bellies): Construction of the Headquarters of the non-profit Association “Recursos Humanos” (Human Resources) – Phase One –
Müller Neighborhood (Barrio Müller), Córdoba, Córdoba Province

Description and Purpose
The Headquarters of the Association will be located in an impoverished neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city of Córdoba. The purpose of the Association is to help children between 0 and 12 years of age who belong to indigent families consisting mainly of unemployed persons with no access to permanent or stable jobs.

The Headquarters will function as the venue for a variety of activities directed at the children, including:DSCF0590

meals (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack)
health-related activities (vaccination and medical check-ups for infants and children)
pedagogical activities (stimulus at an early age)
cultural activities (visits for learning purposes)
recreational activities (outings, social events related to birthdays, etc.)
sporting activities (heated pool, outdoor-living education)
training, as supplement of school work

The Association seeks our help in gathering the funds necessary to finance the construction of the Headquarters of the Association. The Association is registered with the Permanent Program for Children and Family Services (Programa Permanente de Atención al Niño y a la Familia). The Permanent Program is administered by the Ministry of Social Development of the Córdoba Province (Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de la Provincia de Córdoba), which, while providing the funds necessary for the implementation of the Permanent Program, is not in a position to provide the funds necessary to finance the construction of the Headquarters of the Association. Such costs must be covered by way of external donations.

Specific objectives

Phase One of the Project aims at accomplishing the following: laying of the covering of the ground floor with concrete bricks, ceramic tiles and prefabricated joists; includin


g preliminary tasks

Person responsible: President of the Association, Mabel Basualdo.
Person responsible for the execution of the Project: Ms. María Elena Sánchez, architect

Direct beneficiaries: 180 children between the ages of 0 and 12. Indirect beneficiaries: 150 families.

Cost of construction materials and labor: € 2.500
The project was financed by Church of Our Saviour – The Hague