Promoting productive social projects SIPAM

“Incubadora” – Promoting productive social projects  SIPAM

Foundation Barracas – City of Buenos Aires






The project “INCUBADORA, promoting productive social projects” aims at offering a space for the development of productive skills which could improve the lives of “small entrepreneurs”.
The idea is to support (for 6 or 8 months) people gathered in small social enterprises.
Participants will receive an integral education, including management, design and construction of a business plan, legal, tax and commercial advice, marketing and social and psychological support.
This training could eventually restore the lost dignity .of the participants. SIPAM has already obtained funds for the start up and operation of the project and it still needs PCs to start computers skill training.

Responsible: Norma Beatriz Nisi de Vilchez (President of SIPAM – Servicio Interparroquial de Ayuda Mutua)

Description: INCUBADORA includes an information-technology skill development area. The program will allow participants to work independently, in areas such as PC support, design services, maintenance and administration of Web pages, nets Windows, radio in Internet, databases, basic Office tasks and development of projects.

Beneficiaries: 200 people from extremely poor families and/or homeless, men and women older than 18 years of age, socially excluded and without the possibility of entering in the labor market.

Costs: INCUBADORA needs: 10 computers and a printer.
The total cost is of € 5000.

We are grateful to CORDAID since they will help to complete this project.