Purchase of a scale for babies

Purchase of a scale for babies
Association Las Perlitas de María
Barrio Ciudad Evita, Córdoba, Province of Córdoba








Abstract: Las Perlitas de Mariaäis a support and educational centre for mothers and their children from 0 to 4 years old and also adolescent girls with or without children. All them living in extreme poverty.

They are taken care on issues about:
health, hygiene, clothing and shoes, feeding (as a fight against under-nutrition of children and anemia both of children and their mothers), education and basic instructions.

During 2007, with the participation of professionals teachers and social workers the issue of adolescent mothers will be also taken care so as to offer them:

Education and training on skills, with the objective of getting a job, as well as general education on issues related to women and mothers. They will receive the necessary support from professionals and teachers as well as the affection/comprehension that they may need.

Responsable: Miss. Natalia Soledad Montenegro (President)

Beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries: 150 children and adolescents of very poor families. Indirect beneficiaries: more than 2.500.

Costs :In order to have a correct follow up of the weight of underfed children the Association requests a scale for babies that costs € 205