Radio Colifata

Organization: Radio Colifata

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


The radio La Colifata is a non-profit organization that provides mental health services using the media for creating, what is called “spaces in health”, it is also strongly active in the research area.The radio is commonly known as LT 22 Radio “La Colifata” (the Crazy One) it is the radio of the inmates and former inmates at the Borda Hospital in Buenos Aires (Neuropsychiatric Hospital Borda). It is the first radio station in the world transmitting from a neuropsychiatric. Incorporating technology allows to develop and sustain mass communication policies, on national and international levels, which enhance the mission and goals of the organization.

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La Fundación collected to funds needed and the purchased of two laptops for the Radio “La Colifata”. See here the pictures and more information.


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