Reconstruction of the cultural centre “Mensajes del Alma”

Reconstruction of the cultural centre “Mensajes del Alma” ( Messages to the soul )

Fundación Defensores del Chaco. Barrio Chaco Chico, Paso del Rey, Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Description and Objectives

The activities of the Foundation “Defensores del Chaco” are done in the Nord West part of the city of Buenos Aires, one of the poorest areas, where poverty has not changed in the last 15 years, and continues. The majority of its inhabitants have never been incorporated to any IMG_0168formal work and not even been part of the educational system. They do not have access to reasonable health services. In this context the Foundation “Defensores del Chaco” organizes sport, educative and artistic activities for more than 1.700 children and adolescents. With these activities they try to form leaders who may help in improvements, and who can commit themselves to change in the communities. They can then be aware of the reality in which they live, and be promoters of possible transformations. The Foundation has a playschool, kindergarten and a Cultural Centre.
On April 12, 2012, this region suffered big damages due to a strong storm. The tornado destroyed trees, roofs, left the whole community without electricity and water, and completely destroyed the Cultural Centre.
Wilde Ganzen will support a larger project for its reconstruction. The Foundation “Defensores del Chaco” has made a request to our Solidarity Foundation for the repair of the roof of the dressing rooms in the sport area.

Details of the project

Restore the roof of the dressing rooms
Re-start the artistic and sport activities


Responsible person: Maximiliano Pelayes (Director) y Matías Luna (tresourer)

Direct beneficiaries: 1.700 children and adolescents, About 40% are girls.

Indirect beneficiaries: 10.200 in the whole community..

Total costs: 16.800 pesos (2.800 Euros) to be financed by SSNA with an extra 55% offered by Wilde Ganzen.