Renovation and completion of the Casa Refugio

Renovation and completion of the Casa Refugio (women’s shelter) of Mujeres de la Costa (‘Women of the Coast’). Organization Grupo Comunitario de la Costa (‘Community Group of the Coast’), San Javier, northern Santa Fe province.


Mujeres de la Costa 2

Description and objectives
Since three years, the organization Grupo Comunitario de la Costa offers shelter to female victims of domestic violence and to boys and girls who have been sexually abused and/or suffered parental violence.
These kinds of problems have severe consequences for the health and physical and mental integrity of the victims. Last year, the organization started to expand the Head Office of the institution in order to meet its new function.
This organization was started in 1998 by a group of women dedicated to popular education and especially the defense and promotion of women’s rights. The organization was institutionalized formally by obtaining legal personality by the end of 2005.
By means of workshops, social activities, producing promotion materials, participating in networks of similar organizations etc., they take care of informal education of women, adolescents and children of the community and surrounding regions concerning women’s rights, especially the ones regarding sexual rights and prevention and elimination of gender violence.

Specific objectives
To enable temporary accommodation in a save and comfortable environment for all the women and children that seek for the assistance of the organization. This will be possible by expanding the Head Office and the realization of these renovations:
1. Placing ceilings in the entire building (two bedrooms, living room, kitchen/dining room and multi-purpose room).
2. Placing floors in the two bedrooms, the living room and the courtyard.
3. Placing a fence to close the courtyard for access from the exterior (this is a safety measure considering the situation of the women who are being aided by the organization).

Responsible organization: Grupo Comunitario de la Costa. San Javier, Santa Fe Province.

Costs: 33,250 Argentinean Pesos (+- 5000 Euros, depending on the exchange rate when finalizing the payment of the project).

Financing: The project has been funded with donations made during the events, 55% support offered by Wilde Ganzen (, and other donors. See here the pictures and more information about the implementation of this project.