Repair of a school classroom and room for a library

Repair of a school classroom and room for a library Fundación Dr. Luis José Giulioni
E.G.B. Nro. 287 – Lote 21 “La Mascota” Provincia del Chaco



Abstract and Objectives:

The objective of the project is to repair a room which is presently not possible to use, and also a library space from the Rural School EBG Nr. 287.
This is school is situated in a poor rural area, has a gallery and two classrooms, a small deposit, a kitchen and a small space used by the teachers.
As one of the classrooms is not in conditions, the 30 children (from 5 to 14) receive lessons in one classroom. The space for the library is also damaged and needs to be repaired. Students coming to this school are from poor families.
Some of them survive with their own small farm (vegetables, fruits and chicken). Others need as well to work temporarily in different big farms existing in that geographical area. Only two of these families have electrical services.
Teachers have to travel daily 26 km via difficult roads, this is the only way to be there and teach these children. This geographical area of Argentina is very hot, with some very cold days. Most of children go to school barefooted and without sufficient clothing.
The parents help with the work necessary at school, in order to improve it. The work is mostly done by volunteers and family members of the schools, with the exception of the “machimbre”. Members of the Evangelic Church will contribute as volunteers for the electrical installations.

Specific Objectives:
– Repair the space for a library and a classroom (there is danger of collapsing). Then pain these rooms and ready for use.

– Improve the natural Light changing a window.

– Put “machimbre” on the roof and ceramics on the floor.

– Prepare for the children a space for reading and studying, as a consequence improve the educational quality.

– Improve, in general terms, the educational Standard of the School, addressing in different spaces to different age group. Children among 5 and 15 years old have different learning needs. The two new spaces, a classroom and a library, will help improve this situation.

José Agustín Giulioni
(Fundación “Dr. Luis José Giulioni)

Beneficiary Group:
Direct beneficiaries are 30 children (aged 5 to 14) and the teachers of the school. Indirect beneficiaries: the community leaving in the region, 10 km around the school. This is a disperse rural zone. In total 120 persons among children, parents and other family members.

construction material, tools and specialized work for the “Machimbre” . Total: € 1.825 €  (8.017.80 pesos)

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