Rural School “Canal del Beagle”

Rural School “Canal del Beagle” endeavours and promotes activities that aim for the students to obtain customs and values through respect for others and cooperating in tasks that will improve quality of life of the community. In order to obtain this goal, in 2010 the school started a chicken farm programme with laying hens, with the participation of the pupils, their families and the rural community. The egg production allows selling them and provide the community with a vital consumer product.Untitled
APAER (Asociación de Padrinos de Escuelas Rurales ) supports impoverished rural schools in Argentina and acts as intermediary with our Fundación Solidaridad.

Specific objectives
Strengthen the values of cooperation, respect among the participants of the project, as well as their self esteem.
Training in egg production, taking care of the hens. Acquisition of 300 coloured laying hens.

Direct beneficiaries: 180 children (Elementary School and Kindergarten)

Indirect beneficiaries: the community, consisting of their family and friends
Responsible person: Lia Renzini, project coordinator at APAER (Asociación Padrinos de Escuelas Rurales).

Costs: 9.000 Argentinian Pesos ( +- 1.500 Euros, depending on the exchange rate when finalizing the payment of the project). 5 Euros per laying hen.