School Nº 101034 “Angel Vicente Peñaloza”

School N 101034 “Angel Vicente Peñaloza”
“Huerta Niño” 

Foundation Neighborhood El Chacho, Mina,
Province of Córdoba



Abstract: The Huerta Niño Foundation considers that the school is a learning centre. In this perspective, the Foundation builds, in several schools from poor communities, a grocery nursery of one hectare with winter structures and a poultry yard. The school receives the necessary tools, materials, and the management of the project as well as the training of teachers, children and parents.


– Produce healthy food, without toxical components, during the whole year.
– Improve the quality of the food for children and their families, with additional vitamins and minerals to their daily diet. This will improve the psycho-physical condition of the children
– Provide the school eating room
– Multiply this effort to home-nurseries, so that mothers have a better condition to feed their children. The absence of the father is due to the work done in the fields following the harvest time of for example cotton and sugar cane. Men have to be absent from home and the mothers do not have any other income in the meantime-
Train on skills for cooking, so the mothers can get the most from their nurseries.
– Favor activities, facilitate the exchange of knowledge on issues related to health, education, possibilities for small business.
– Develop children in the custom of growing vegetables and farming, including all technical components. This fundamental knowledge has been lost in most of rural areas.


Description of the beneficiary group:
The beneficiary group comes from a poor rural community. The community group adopts a school as a social centre. All these families have a low life standard, without enough to cover the reasonable needs of housing, health, education and food. Trying to solve this problem the Fundaci—n Huerta Ni–o takes action from the school, with the objective of improving nutrients to children, their health and development of the psycho-physical conditions. These children will, as a result, achieve a normal level in their education.

As 100 % of the children of the village approach to the school, the impact of what is learned can be quite high for all the family. What is learned about farming will be reproduced in high percentage within the families themselves.

Responsible: Patricia Escudero de Hoff y Orlando Viegas

Costs: The total cost of the project is € 5.000.