Selection Process

The Foundation has established clear selection, financing and evaluation processes for the projects that it finances.


Selection criteria

Projects are selected according to the following criteria:

  1.   Impact of the project on beneficiaries’ basic needs and number of beneficiaries reached
  2.   Ensuring that beneficiary has sufficient capabilities to carry out the project and ensure that, if applicable, the community participates in the project. Projects can relate to health, addiction prevention and treatment, childhood and youth, crime, education and entrepreneurship.
  3.   Only concrete projects which can be carried outduring a specific timeframe (for instance, a purchase or (re)construction project) will be considered. Financing will aim to alleviate needs, to strengthen local capacity, to generate a healthy environment, especially for children, and to create awareness in other communities about these social issues.
  4.   The Foundation prefers to work with similar non-profit institutions in Argentina to ensure that the funds are used and distributed appropriately. Receipt of funds and expenses must be registered and accounted for according to the agreed workplan.
  5.   No beneficiary will be excluded due to their religion, race, ethnicity or gender.
  6.   A maximum of €5,000 per project will be granted. In special cases, the Foundation will work with other institutions in The Netherlands to obtain additional funds. Requests exceeding €15,000 will not be considered.
Selection process

Project proposals undergo an evaluation consisting of three stages:

  1. External evaluation by three persons outside of the Project Committee.
  2. After positive evaluation by PEC, the Project Committee will check if selection criteria are met.
  3. Approval by the Governing Board.

When a project is approved, it is added to the list of projects to be financed based on its approval date and requested financing amount. The Governing Board assesses fund balances and manages events to raise additional funds.

Before a donation is made, a contractual agreement is signed by both parties.

Monitoring and evaluation
  1.   Each project is supervised by one member of the Project Sub-Committee.
  2.   Projects are clearly documented, including budgets, pictures, start and end dates, and this information is uploaded to the Foundation projects web page.
  3.   The use of funds is supervised and results obtained are evaluated based on a report of the recipient institution. If possible, members of the Foundation make field visits to projects. The efficiency of implementing partners is constantly evaluated.
  4.   Donors and the Governing Board are regularly informed about the use of funds and project progress.
  5.   An expense report is submitted at the end of each stage of every project.
How to present a project

The Foundation is always open to receive questions regarding projects that meet the above selection criteria. Please download our requirements and/or submission form and contact us.