Shelter Malen

Organization: Asociación Civil Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina

Location: Longchamps, Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Asociación Civil Mensajeros de la Paz (MDP) provides girls and young women in a vulnerable situation with a shelter to make sure they are being taken care of their needs when away from home. The girls receive shelter, food, an education and there is special attention for their health. Furthermore they get psychological support and guidance on how to return to their families, if this is posible. These girls have been victims of violence, sexual abuse, negligence and human trafficking. Malen has two homes: Pewmafe Malen; here 50 girls in the ages of 6 up to and including 12 are being accommodated. They get housing, protection, schooling, entertainment, dancing and sport lessons, computer classes and help with their homework.

In the other home, Ruca Malen, there are 10 girls between 12 and 17 years old. Through various activities such as sports, arts, studying languages and learning a trade, such as hairdresser, these girls are being prepared for the labour market and leading an independent life. Like the younger girls they also get computer training and help doing their homework.

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The building (mainly the bathrooms) where these activities take place are in urgent need of a renovation to make them suitable for these vulnerable girls.

Specific Goals:
Renovation of the three bathrooms of Shelter Malen:

  • the demolition of walls and floors to replace the pipes.
  • the replacement of electricity.
  • building new walls and laying tile floors.
  • the purchase and installation of new sanitary fittings

Project Manager: Pablo Norberto Rey, legal guardian, Mensajeros de la Paz, Argentina.
Beneficiaries: 60 girls between 6 -17 years old.
Costs: $ arg 35.279,70 (according to the exchange rate at that moment € 4.523)

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