Sierra Dorada

Sierra Dorada Foundation is an NGO dedicated to the upbringing of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations in San Marcos de la Sierra, situated in the north of the Córdoba province. Its main objective is to improve the living conditions of children in vulnerable situations by facilitating and guiding processes of social and occupational integration, in order to strengthen the development of an autonomous individual. The foundation carries out its mission by means of a children’s home, programs to promote gender rights and equality and the complete attention to minors dealing with problems of extreme poverty, exclusion, and physical and/or psychological abandonment.

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The Sierra Dorada home provides accommodation for 32 children, who live there with their adult caretakers. The children come from rural an vulnerable regions from all over the province. The children attend the village school and those with special needs attend a special school in Cruz del Eje, 20 km from the home, in order to receive personalized attention of a support teacher. During the holidays, camps are organized in various national parks. The foundation also supports biological, host and adoptive families in strengthening the family bonds and the care of the children and adolescents.

Project to improve the children’s dining area and its extensions: the furniture will be replaced in order to create a clean, safe and comfortable area for the institution’s residing children to grow. The furniture and the utensils of the dining room and the kitchen are totally worn out due to the continuous use during many years. The tables and chairs are used during three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), making homework for school, for outdoor activities, etc. This project aims an improvement of the area where the children and adolescents pass their daily lives.

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The estimated investment is € 1300 and will be used for the purchase of chairs, tables, pots, pans, glasses and mugs of stainless steel, plates and cutlery.

These elements have low maintenance requirements and if they were to be repaired due to daily use, this will be done by the maintenance repair shop of the foundation, by the smith teacher and the teenagers that assist to the training that is given in the home.