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Collaborate for the Arts: Help Renovate Rafaela’s Cultural Center

The Rafaela City Center Theater Company of Centro Ciudad de Rafaela offers free performances for educational institutions throughout the city. However, the Luis Remonda auditorium, which has been historically used for rehearsals and performances, had to be closed due to the deteriorated condition of its facilities.

To recover this valuable cultural space, the institution has decided to carry out a remodelling project that will provide a space for the realization of all projects related to the performing arts, including those which are constantly requested by other institutions in Rafaela.

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Air conditioning in Chaco to guarantee education

The school provides education to 850 children at all levels: kindergarten, primary school and the first two years of secondary school. The secondary school was inaugurated in 2021 and currently has 148 students, with 74 new students entering each new school year, to complete a total of 370 students by the year 2025. Therefore, every year, two new classrooms are inaugurated for these newcomers. In March 2023, 15-year-old students will begin their studies, with the need of classrooms in conditions for learning, since climatic well-being is a fundamental condition for a better learning.