Taller Integral Padre Mugica Project

Gente Nueva Foundation
San Carlos de Bariloche, Province of Río Negro



The CARLOS MUGICA School-Workshop was born in 1985 in the context of an ambitious Project of Social Enhancement for the Virgen Misionera neighborhood (Bariloche. 

This initiative resulted from the need, as expressed by local residents, of an educational institution.
This school is specially designed to deal with young and adult people from marginal sectors with special alphabetization needs helping them complete their basic education and learn a skill. This program gives students the possibility to rehabilitate and become members of a working community leaving the marginalized atmosphere where they live.
Students are trained in carpentry, forgery, seam and cooking courses.
Because most of people who attend the school come from homes with a lack of potable water and even hot water, there is a pressing need to build hot-water shower facilities in the school. Bariloche is a very cold city and the area where the school is placed has a yearly average temperature of 6oC.
For this reason it is very difficult for poor people to follow even basic hygienic habits causing them numerous health related problems.
This is also an obstacle for their labor reinsertion. The total cost of the project rises to €3.000.

The city of, placed on the northwest region of the Argentinean Patagonia
Roberto Candino (Director of the School).
Description: The school provides a rehabilitation opportunity to people who were excluded from the formal educational system (adult and adolescent people without basic education, youngsters sent by a magistrate of the Juvenile Local Court, teenager mother or pregnant girls, etc). Many of the students are the only breadwinners of their families (see appendix 2).
All the people who attend the school need to take a shower and take care of their personal hygiene after an intense day of work, which is especially important because most of the students do not have the facilities to do it at their own homes. At the moment the school has only two tiny bathrooms (one for women and the other for men).
This school-workshop is a primary school for young and adult people (80 people between 13- 58 years old).
Give the possibility to the students who attend courses to develop basic skills while promoting hygienic habits and preventing health problems also.
The complete construction will be divided into three rooms. The first one will house the showers (x2), the water tank (thermo-tank) and the heater. The second one will include washbasins and mirrors. The last one will have three new toilets.

Total cost: €3.000.

With the generosity and commitment from High School students of The American School of The Hague and under the leadership of Ms Dorothy Adamson, our Foundation has been able to fulfill the goal of € 3.000 towards this meaningful project.

Second phase of the Project

A washing machine and a drier are needed to wash and dry the clothes of the people who attend the classes while they are at school.
This is especially important since they usually stay in their dirty clothes when they come to the School after having walked long distances in muddy roads under very bad weather conditions. The total cost of this initiative if of € 580.

With the generosity and commitment from Wereld Toko in Lekkerkerk, The Netherlands, our Foundation has been able to fulfill the goal towards this meaningful project, who donated
€ 500.