The health in mothers and children

Project: The health in mothers and children

Tercero Arriba y Calamuchita, Río Tercero, province of Córdoba

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Objectives and Description

  The Board of contributors of the Provincial Hospital of the Rio Tercero supports specific activities of the Hospital, that cannot otherwise be implemented due to lack of resources. The hospital takes care of a group of patients of limited economic income, the majority without a Health Insurance coverage. Approximately 4300 patients of all ages need to be treated at the hospital. A 70% of the patients are women and children. The hospital takes care of a population from two Departments (Tercero Arriba and Calamuchita) that cover rural areas and a series of towns.







The request for help to the Argentine-Dutch Solidarity Foundation respond to the following objectives:

  1.  Attention of patients until the 4 years of age. Prevention of early age mortality.

  2.  To inform the patients (specially the mothers) about contagious diseases. To improve the service to the patients, avoiding unnecessary health complications with the help of special equipment: a portable incubator (service of the hospital at home) and a pulse oximetry (for less stressful studies of the babies).


The expenses after to the acquisition of this equipment will be covered by the Hospital. This ensures the sustainability of the project.


  Responsible: The Hospital Director Dr. Carlos Antonio Farías y Susana Scroppo responsible for the Board of contributors


  Cost: the purchase of the equipments costs € 3.700.