Vegetable garden for School – APAER

Vegetable garden in my School – APAER
Escuela Hogar Nº 367
Isla la Josefina, Departamento de Goya, Province of Corrientes.


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The objective of the project is to improve the nourishment of the children attending the combined home-school Nº 367. This school is located nearby the Parana River with Goya as its nearest city at a far distance.
It is a rural school of approximately 35 pupils with ages ranging from 6 to 15 years, and only one teacher, many of whom live in the school.
The young pupils come from 7 working families who earn a living by collecting tobacco leaves for which they receive very low salaries and have no social security coverage. For this reason the ability to provide decent nourishment for these pupils is absent and their chances to learn reduced.
Therefore it was necessary to think of a solution and establishing a small scale grocery nursery seems to be the appropriate way. The entire community participates which helps to ensure its sustainability.
For the whole process to run successfully it shall include preparation of the soils, planting seeds such as pumpkin, wheat, cassava, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables, as well as training the children and parents in periodical maintaining the electrical pump that is necessary for irrigation.
The contribution requested is for the purchase of tools. The seeds and the technical support will be given by INTA.

General Objective:
To establish a small vegetable garden of 40 by 10 meters in two months for the nursing of basic goods.

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Specific Objectives
-Produce vegetables to cover basic food needs for the children.
-Promote the creation of biological nursery gardens with the participation of the families and the whole community.
-Train the children in skills to participate in smaller projects.
-Develop capacities in boys and girls to solve real problems and face daily problems.
-Strengthen solidarity, cooperation and living together around a project, where all the members have to have responsibilities.
-Reduce the social vulnerability of children, their family and the whole community.
Responsable: Asociación Civil Padrinos de Alumnos y Escuelas Rurales (APAER)
Beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of the project are 35 children with ages ranging from 6 to 15 years. The indirect beneficiaries are their family members, a community consisting of 7 families in total.
Costs :Purchase of the necessary tools for the grocery nursery and some costs for its control and follow up1.193.50 pesos = €256.