Wheelchairs for ALPI

Wheelchairs for ALPI
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.



The Association “Combat against Infantile Paralysis” (ALPI)is a civil charity association that does not receive state subsidy. It is a Centre for hospitalisation and outpatient attention with an interdisciplinary team of experts in both physical and language rehabilitation.


The Centre has 60 hospital beds, and needs at least one wheelchair per bed to be able to transfer patients within the institution for rehabilitation treatment. This project aims to improve the capacity of available wheelchairs with 25%.

ALPI has in the past (10 to 15 years ago) bought some wheelchairs, and has also received donated wheelchairs. Most of these wheelchairs are now in a bad state. The patients are low income middle-class people, most of whom can not benefit from medical care through social security.
The hospital treats an average of 60 patients a day.


To be able to move disabled hospitalised patients within the institution, to the rehabilitation unit and back to the ward.

Specific Objective: To acquire 9 new wheelchairs: 2 reclining wheelchairs, that recline from 180° to 90° and 7 conventional wheelchairs (90°).

Responsable: Asociación Lucha contra la Parálisis infantil(ALPI)

Beneficiaries: Up to 60 hospitalised patients, and an average of 60 outpatients per day.
Costs : Acquisition of 15 wheelchairs. Total: €5.000.