Workshop of integral capacitating in wooden works

Workshop of integral capacitating in wooden works
Enrique Angelelli, Gente Nueva Foundation

Neighborhood 34 hectareas, Bariloche, Province of Rio Negro.


Abstract and Objectives:
to purchase and replace a part of the tools required for the wooden workshops that were created as the ãEnrique Angelelliä project.
The renovation of the tools comes as 1: a need to provide security to the attendants to the workshop in order to avoid accidents during classes and 2: to raise the quality of the final wooden products for its sale.
The project Enrique Angelelli has achieved to insert- through carpentry training-marginal poor communities into the society network and especially into the society market field.By means of this process the project has been able to make these communities recover (for and thru them) the culture of work and the dignity that in cases like this only work can provide.

Thus, the attendants to the workshops can modify, enlarge and transform the difficult economic situations in which they find themselves inserted, especially because these attendants are many times the only provider to a whole family or group of people

Description of the beneficiary group:
142 persons underneath the level of poverty with ages
from 14 to 84
Federico Ingaramo, director of the school

The total cost of the project is  € 4.750.
With the generosity and commitment from EPO and the invaluable collaboration of Mr. Vicente Pastor, this project has been supported.