Young people, Citizenship and New Technologies

Project : Young people, Citizenship and New Technologies

Fundación Amstrong – González Catán, La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Description and Objectives




The Amstrong Foundation is an Educational Centre that offers services to children and adolescents from very poor backgrounds. From an early age until the completion of the Secondary Education. It provides specific areas of alphabetization and education for adults. They work making their own vegetable gardens, organizing the mothers for services to the community and in addition keep a centre for professional education to prepare the members of the community for work.



The Amstrong Foundation involves the members of the community in the proposal and preparation of projects for improvement of their quality of life. They try to attract the young people in vulnerable sectors to become active citizens and in doing so recover a culture of work and respect. The young people make proposals for solutions of problems in their neighbourhood whose inhabitants live at poverty levels.


It was considered that the improvement of the recreational spaces could help improve their condition of life. For that reason the reconstruction of the square Hno. Junaelien  in the “La Salle A” district, located close to a stream polluted by factories, was chosen for a project of reconstruction . The recreational park is in very bad condition.  The members of the community will participate in the reconstruction project, which will strengthen their  responsibility for its maintenance. A green open space is needed, new games have to be purchased, old ones repaired and benches and tables provided.  A promotion campaign,  involvement of local authorities and other institutions will be their first goal. The duration of the project was estimated in 3 months.


Responsible: Lic. Gustavo Galli, Director Secondary School, Amstrong Foundation. For the square project the Foundation will work together with the a Network of Social


Services institutions at  González Catán.


Direct beneficiaries: more than 500 children living in the La Salle district Indirect:  Neighbours in general and  visitors to the public square

Costs: $ 6.777 (1,232.55  €), for the purchase of material and construction.