Yuque, a multifunctional Heater

Yunque, a multifunctional  Heater
Rotary Club in San Martin de los Andes, and INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) Comunidad Ruca Choroi, Alumine, Province of Neuquen


Summary: This project started when a Hospital in Alumine, -Province of Neuquen,- requested help from  INTI-Patagonia to obtain two “Ñuque Multifunctional Heaters” for two children who had been hospitalized for several months with Bronchiolitis. They were not able to be discharged due to the lack of appropiate  heating systems  in their homes.


Upon this request, Inti-Patagonia developed a survey of the community low-income families. The survey helped identify the most severe family conditions. Seventeen families were identified as the most deprived ones and were chosen to receive a heater with its proper installation. This task was completed on December 2006.

It was observed that most of the homes used a 200 litres halfed tumbler for heating purposes. This type of heating system has only a 10% efficency. Toxic fumes are retained  inside of the house creating extreme respiratory problems and therefore developmental problems for the children.

Benefits of the multifunctional Heater: This heater is designed to use wood which due to its combustion process minimizes the toxic fumes, and the lethal  carbon monoxide. In this way it is highly efficent, it has very low pollution rate and it is ecologically minded. (More info:: www.inti.gov.ar/sabercomo/sc37/inti5.php) The Ñuque heaters have between 50 and 70% efficency.

Yunque, the heater’s brand name means “mother” in the Mapuche language, the native community of this area.)

Request for donation: 7 Yunque  Multifunctional Heater for the Community of Ruca Choroi.

Costs:  7 heaters at € 300 each: Total cost: € 2.100