Vegetable garden – Nursery – FEDES Foundation

Vegetable garden – Nursery”. FEDES Foundation El Naranjito, Dpto. Cruz Alta, Tucumán, Province of Tucumán.




The FEDES Foundation has successfully concluded an experimental training workshop in Vegetable Garden-Nursery for 84 people who work three months and are unemployed for the remainder of the year.
A first phase will extend the number of beneficiaries up to 350, giving them the opportunity to work for other 4 months. In a second phase participants will grow 5 hectare with organic products allowing the project to be self-sustainable benefiting 350 people and their families.

The nursery will also provide healthy food to 360 children from day care centers. Responsable: Claraso Pedro (president of FEDES)



1st Stage: Training course “Vegetable Garden-Nursery”
2nd Stage: Self-sustainable vegetable production.

1st Stage: 4 months; 2nd Stage: 2 years (with possible extension after the first two years).




1st Stage: Adults from 15 to 54 years of age from 350 large families
2nd Stage: Produce will feed 360 children from day care centers and their families. The remainder of the production will be sold in local markets securing the sustainability of the project

1st Stage: For the purchasing of machinery, tools and materials, etc: 9660.
2nd Stage: The initial investment (for seeds, small plants, trainer, etc).
Total cost of both Projects:
€ 14.391. We are grateful to NCDO since they will duplicate the funds raised in the “Misa Criolla 2006” event to complete this project.